How to Block Smart Meters, Wifi, And 5g – At least in your Home

Microwave mesh or tinfoil around the cab solves the smart meter – must be earthed, similarly there are mesh window liners for 5g. the best method would be a concave reflector pointed at the 5g transmitter from 2 directions since it would suffer extrem degragation in signal to which it would turn up the juice eventaully wreaking the transmitter(constructive or destrucive wave interference). The owners would have to resite, and since the offender is not illegally transmitting anything himself, it is the owners own signal it is almost if not impossible to proscecute, the more reflectors the better, these towers have very short range. Wifi is a fraction of the power, consider it all as a raiation dose so it is cumulaive and increases by the square rule from the distance to the radiation source, it is a very bad idea to work on, live etc under a live microwave transmitter.


Aluminum foil as reflector and water as absorbent is the cheapest.

Shung guy helmet protect you from the full moon

This is one of the biggest scams…The microwave that is shown on the video isn’t even on, the clock in the background shows the time as fixed….Scam Alert…I worked at a nuclear plant for almost 8 years, I know how to use radiation detectors, and when you block the sensor window with any thick material it will alter the readings. Hey why don’t you wrap you house in bubble wrap, that gunna work too, don’t be fooled into this BS scam, we have natural occurring radiation around us at all times, everything gives off a radiation signature, you have terrestrial, and cosmic radiation, some neutron radiation is so strong form space that it passes straight through you, the earth, and keeps on going, never stopping..the detector being used is a $15 dollar piece of crap detector that sold on Amazon, and won’t detect the smell off of a turd, let alone a radioactive source..Just live your lives, and be happy for the time the Lord allows you.

Comes from China? No thank you. Almost all stuff from China is a SCAM. From their painted office chairs to their bug baits they call silicone and their phony flashlights I wouldn’t trust to even go to the bathroom.

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